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Hillside Stables' riding lessons are taylored to the individual's needs, ability, and goals. All lessons are based on horse training techniques that allow free flow of communication between horse and rider. The rider learns to 'ask' the horse for a movement, not 'make' the horse do something. This creates a positive atmosphere in which the horse and rider work as a team.

Scheduling:  Our instructors will work with your schedule when setting lesson times. Most students keep a weekly running appointment with twice a week lessons also available.

Days and times:  The barn is open Tuesday through Sunday for lessons - 6am - 6pm.  Please call for availability of instructors and times.  Request a lesson - Please include which days and times are best for you.

Content:  All lessons (except dressage-see below) are an hour long with that including the tack and untack time.  Ride portion averages out to be about half of the lesson.  We think it is very important that the student not think of the horse as a 'vehicle'.  There are responsibilities of grooming and applying the saddle and bridle that keeps the horse comfortable and healthy.

Goals:  Everyone has their own reason for taking lessons.  Our goal is to give a solid foundation of horse psychology with direction toward your individual goals.   

Lessons: $50.00 per hour
Semi-Private & Group lessons: $50.00 per student
  -lessons run longer than one hour with student responsible
   for grooming & tacking up

Buckeroo lessons: $25.00 per half hour
Western or English Riding


2009 Student Study Material
(Make your lesson dollar go farther!)

You will be asked to pick up your own copy of Centered Riding by Sally Swift.  This is a requirement for 2010 students.

This book should be available at all your local bookstores and online.  (Ms. PK will try to have several used copies available in the office for $15.00 each.)

Hallie and Jazz Happy?

Hallie and Jazz happy....... :)

Donna on Elf & Katherine on Chico share some quality
'Mother-Daughter' time.

Click here for larger image.

Hannah & Trixie practice their jumping.
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Try a group lesson.

Riders in motion.

Dressage or Jumping Lessons - individual or group lessons - $50.00 per rider

Once you can tack up, steer and control your horse, you can advance to dressage or jumping.  Our goal is the best communication and harmony possible between horse and rider. PK Theobald or Hardy Hoffmann are happy to teach novice, intermediate or advanced riders and keep them progressing through the levels. We feel that the lessons should be a lot of fun, and enjoys explaining theories in as many ways possible for the rider to grasp them.  Take lessons for fun or work toward riding in horse shows.     Click here to request a dressage or jumping lesson.

Group lessons will be expanded beyond an hour to allow all riders enough ride-time in the lesson.



Try on horse ownership without the long term commitment.  School horses and ponies are available for lease month-to-month @ $200 per month.  Riders must be able to catch, groom, tack and ride safely before being allowed to lease.  You must also maintain your lessons throughout the lease.  Lessons can be Western, English, dressage or training.  Click here to request more info.



There is nothing like owing your own horse.  A partner, a friend, warm and fuzzy feelings on call.  Let us know what you are looking for and we will get busy finding the perfect match.  Go to For Sale page.